At Spark!, we are experienced with the entire continuum of the business and marketing process.  From the all important and often overlooked process of identifying the spark! that will differentiate your brand and move your business forward to the development and execution of the ensuing business strategies and tactics, we can help you.  We are experienced in helping clients build brands in all of the areas listed below and stand ready to help you with your business in any or all of these areas.

Please see below to read more about each service and to see some appropriate cases.

Strategy & Business Planning

We have been actively involved in running businesses that range from $5MM to $150MM in annual sales.  Ensuring that the business is strategically sound across disciplines and that expenditures are appropriately spent is key.   Our team has significant experience at the Executive level in business planning at the enterprise level, as well as at the consumer, professional and sales planning levels.

We ensure that our plans and recommendations are consistent with the brand and company objectives, as well as driven by the sparks! uncovered in the Insight Discovery & Testing process.


Insight Discovery & Testing

The process of finding the spark! that will move your business forward is not the glamorous part of marketing, but it is frequently the most important and often the most overlooked.  To help you find that spark!, we are willing to look everywhere and not limit ourselves to one methodology or supplier.  We employ a mix of quantitative and qualitative research.

Our research experience runs the gamut; we have personally been involved in virtually all aspects of quantitative and qualitative research.  Methods used include:

  • Syndicated data (Nielsen, IRI, Home Scan, Household Panel) / Industry Studies
  • Focus Groups / Ethnographic (observational)/ Secret Shopper / 1-on-1 Interviews (Customers, Professionals, Consumers)
  • Customer Feedback Mechanisms (800 Lines, Internet, Consumer Letters)
  • A&U / Concept Tests / Dissatisfaction-Satisfaction Monitors
  • Test Markets, and MORE.

We can help define the objectives for the research, draft screeners to ensure the proper individuals are recruited, draft questionnaires and moderator guides, and even help write and create concepts and other stimulus.


Consumer Marketing

Great Marketing begins with great insights.  Once those are discovered, we work to ensure that they are appropriately translated into strong strategies that can drive the allocation of resources and reveal the appropriate tactics.  We consider ourselves to be tactically agnostic: that is, we don’t have an inherent bias to use one or another.  We want to make sure that the most efficient and effective Marketing tactics are used.  We also believe very strongly in ongoing testing to improve the marketing mix for out years and to validate new ideas and approaches.

We have significant experience with

  • Advertising / Media Planning & Testing / PR
  • Naming / Logo Development / Packaging Development
  • Promotion / Sampling
  • New Product Development
  • In-Market Testing


Online & Digital Services

We believe that strong online programs begin with the development of a strong digital policy that is agreed to at the highest levels of the organization.  Only then can you truly be most effective.  We can help you develop those policies or simply ensure that your programs fit the environment you operate in – whether that be a FDA regulated one or simply within your own company’s limits.

We are experienced in helping brands extend their presence across digital mediums, and in one of the key challenges of digital – maintaining a consistent brand voice on and off line.  We have worked on campaigns that garner attention, are talked about, and grow your online presence.  We work closely with award-winning partners to help achieve these goals.  Our experience includes:

  • Policy Development
  • Website
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Email / Newsletters


Professional Healthcare Marketing

Sometimes to get to your end customer, you need to first reach the professional influencers and recommenders.  To effectively reach them, just like with consumers, you need to understand the spark! that will motivate them to act.  Then, you need to develop the programs that will deliver.  Our work with Healthcare Professionals has included:

  • Insight Discovery & Testing
  • Physician Training / Office Staff Training
  • In-Practice “Clinical” Trial Management & Analysis
  • Speakers Bureaus
  • Advertising / Detail Kits
  • Trade Shows & Conventions

We have developed programs for Dentists, Orthodontists, Pediatricians, Dermatologists and Veterinarians, and their staffs.



Sales Management & Training

The greatest product or service in the world will still have difficulty being sold without a sales force that truly understands its client base. Too many times, companies focus primarily on the feature sets and functionality rather than understanding the needs of their customers or what motivates them to buy. Whether you sell in a growing market or a mature market, have a highly differentiated product or service or a commoditized one, we will work with you to help you achieve the results you desire.

  • Sales Hiring
  • Sales Compensation Plans
  • Sales Management and Coaching
  • Classroom, Web-Based and Field Training
  • utilization
  • TPM implementation
  • Retail Strategies / Sell-in / Promotion