Ester-C was successfully following the “Intel inside” model in the vitamin C category.  We ran television and radio advertising that helped make Ester-C the #1 branded vitamin C in the supplement market.  The parent company asked us to find new growth opportunities in order to facilitate their desire to accelerate the funding of the company’s oral cancer detection clinical trials.

Our Ester-C Commercials

Ester-C “Nature Made” Radio Spot


Ester-C “More From My C” Radio Spot

Ester-C Firehouse Commercial


Differentiating Multivitamins at Walmart

Ester-C was the #1 branded vitamin C in the supplement market with a presence in almost every major brand (e.g. Nature’s Bounty, Nature Made, Natrol), as well as most Private Label/Store brands.  Organic growth was slowing and the company was looking for additional revenue sources from this key brand.


Research showed that consumers perceived most multivitamins as largely undifferentiated from each other.  Our concept testing showed that adding Ester-C to multivitamins provided an added edge for the multivitamin brand.  By adding Ester-C, these multivitamin brands could increase the consumers’ view that this multi was significantly different from other products on the market, and approximately doubled their preference for this new multivitamin.[/title]


We mocked up packages of these products and presented them along with our research results to customers and retailers.  After presenting to the #1 retailer in the world, they requested their Private Label manufacturer reformulate their product to include Ester-C.  They rolled out the product with new packaging and PDQs, and we supported it with dedicated radio advertising.


Shopper Data Tells Story

Despite Ester-C being the #1 branded vitamin C in the supplement market and one of the most profitable due to its premium positioning, Zila Nutraceuticals was virtually unknown as the manufacturer of the brand.  Additionally, retailers did not know that Zila was responsible for the sizable marketing support behind Ester-C.  We wanted to enhance our relationship with retailers (who we did not directly call upon) and further their understanding of our company’s role in the development of the Ester-C brand.


We commissioned a Nielsen Household Panel analysis (market basket shopping data) to better understand our shopper and their relationship with our brand and others.  This research showed the value of the Ester-C consumer to retailers.  Our consumers not only spent more on vitamin C, but overall they spent +67% more on supplements and purchased significantly more types of vitamins.  Simply put, they were a more valuable customer.


We developed ads to run in Drug Store News, MMR and other publications that touted the value of our customers and that Zila Nutraceuticals was behind the spending.  To make our ads stand out from the typical industry ad, we used full color bleeds matched to the Ester-C logo color.  We also developed presentations for our national account managers to begin calling on retailers to tell the whole Ester-C story.

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